We create brilliantly iterative, high-impact, always-on content to help turn your customers into your biggest fans.

It's your story, well told -- wherever and however you need to tell it.

Unlike most content agencies, we don't just focus on digital campaigns, because we think your brand narrative should be more than just that. Your customers and clients don't just live in digital spaces -- neither should your conversations.

We're a full service content agency that's as comfortable working with traditional media platforms as we are with agile digital channels. And because we have multi-platform expertise gained over many years, we work with you to develop a content strategy that works. For you. For your customers. For your business.

We’re based in Hertfordshire, but our work is global. We’ve worked with some big names in some of the most competitive industry sectors there are. But we specialise in helping small- and medium-sized businesses rise to the challenge of telling their stories in the most compelling ways possible.

Come in and find out how we can help you to start a conversation.  


Writing is at the very heart of what we do. If you’ve got a story to tell, we’re the people to help you tell it. 



Our digital content services will put you in front of your audiences in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.



Let us help you develop a media campaign that will get your brand to more of the right people faster. 



All businesses generate content. Most don’t have a plan for it. Guess what? We do.


"Two monologues do not make a dialogue."



When it all comes down to it, our work is about telling stories in order to start conversations. Conversations about you, about your clients and customers, about your brand and about what makes what you do uniquely valuable.

We do that by working with you to create engaging and surprising content that’s relevant to your audiences and delivered in the language, tone and voice of your brand.  

And because we want it to work as hard as possible for you, we don’t create your content in isolation – we make sure it ties in with your Big Plan. And if you don’t have a Big Plan, no problem –we can help you to come up with one.



"The Press, Watson, is a most valuable institution, if you only know how to use it."

Sherlock Holmes


So you’ve got a story to tell – you’ve probably got a few of them, actually – whether it’s an innovative new product, recognition with a top award or an opinion on events in your industry.

It’s time to tell the world.

With years of experience in newspapers, magazines, radio and television, we understand how the news and consumer media landscape works and we have multi-channel contacts that are the envy of other content agencies offering a similar service.

Want to get to the editor of the Newsbeat on BBC Radio 1? The production team on Woman’s Hour or the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4? How about commissioning editors for BBC1 and other network television programmes? We’ve worked alongside these people, in some cases for years – in fact, we launched some of their careers.

We know better than most how to get to the right people quickly. Often, we can just pick up the phone and call them direct. The rest of the time, we use our media network to get their ear.

We can offer consultancy or practical help with:

  • News media campaigns
  • Broadcast media & PR (including television)
  • Event press & PR
  • Media training 

So  whether  you  want  to  be  interviewed  on  20  local  radio  stations,  the  big  news programmes  on radio and TV or just want an article in your local paper, we have the editorial nous to get you there.


"What is writing? Writing is telepathy."

Stephen King


Good writing connects with people. Whether it’s to inform, entertain, educate, provoke, move, inspire, challenge, persuade, sell, convince or reassure, good writing finds an audience because it has been created with an audience and need in mind.  

Conversely, bad writing – and particularly bad copywriting – is bad not because it’s poorly constructed or betrays the absence of talent (though we’ve seen enough of that to know it’s out there), but because it has been written without an identified audience at its core.

At Little Joe Media our writers are among the best around because they’re passionate about what they commit to the page. They understand narrative and story and the importance of finding your voice to speak to the people who matter to you.

So whatever story you want to tell – whether it’s a product or service, newsletter or web content, brochure or ad campaign or just a regular blog – you can trust us to help you tell it.



"Generating a buzz for your brand around social networks does not absolutely require bespoke content for people to share with friends, but it certainly helps."

Peter Field, marketing consultant


Let’s be blunt about this: It’s now impossible for any business to exist in an analogue bubble and expect to survive.  

The nature of your business may well be strictly analogue but 99% of your existing and potential customers live digitally.  

You may run a tree surgery business, (we actually know nothing about tree surgery, but we did a quick poll in the office and we reckon tree surgery pretty much requires at least one real tree and a person near the tree who knows what to do with it)*, but your clients will most likely find you online. And if they don’t find you online, they’ll check you out online. If they don’t check you out online, they’ll probably contact you online.  

Having a digital presence and then using it effectively to communicate with your customers or clients on their terms is a must-have strategy for your 21st Century business.

At Little Joe Media we can help you to create the right digital identity and use it to tell your story to the people who matter to you. Our services include:

  • Website creation
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Creation of compelling website content
  • Social media marketing and brand awareness
  • Creation, production and distribution of regular client/customer newsletters
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Creation of articles and blogs
  • Digital publishing
  • Podcasting
  • Video (including corporate videos and vlogging)

Get in touch with us and find out how we can open up your digital world to help you find leads, win customers and grow your profit.

*P.S. If you actually do run a tree surgery business, don’t let our lack of knowledge of tree surgery put you off coming and talking to us. We’re fast learners and we like trees. And tree surgeons. Especially tree surgeons with a budget. 


"Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet."



What is content?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. And at the risk of sounding blasé, the answer is that content is just about anything you create that gets seen by other people.

It might be as simple as everything that makes up your website, a couple of social media channels and a blog; or it could be as complex as your brand strategy, internal communications, multiple social media accounts, marketing collateral, website and press activity.

Having a content strategy doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it does require a strategic understanding of what makes up your brand content, how it all fits together and how to use it to maximum effect.  

We’ve worked in some of the biggest content businesses in the world, helping them to shape and deliver their content strategically – often in collaboration with multiple content partners.

And because we understand how content is consumed by your audiences, we’re well-placed to help you make strategic content decisions that will drive the most value for your business.

At Little Joe Media we live by a pretty simple maxim: create once, use often.  

Making sure you squeeze the maximum benefit out of everything you do and putting it in the places where your audiences live makes good business sense – and ensuring your content strategy is cost-effective also means you have the financial flexibility to be able to invest in other areas of your business.