"What is writing? Writing is telepathy."

Stephen King


Good writing connects with people. Whether it’s to inform, entertain, educate, provoke, move, inspire, challenge, persuade, sell, convince or reassure, good writing finds an audience because it has been created with an audience and need in mind.  

Conversely, bad writing – and particularly bad copywriting – is bad not because it’s poorly constructed or betrays the absence of talent (though we’ve seen enough of that to know it’s out there), but because it has been written without an identified audience at its core.

At Little Joe Media our writers are among the best around because they’re passionate about what they commit to the page. They understand narrative and story and the importance of finding your voice to speak to the people who matter to you.

So whatever story you want to tell – whether it’s a product or service, newsletter or web content, brochure or ad campaign or just a regular blog – you can trust us to help you tell it.