"The Press, Watson, is a most valuable institution, if you only know how to use it."

Sherlock Holmes


So you’ve got a story to tell – you’ve probably got a few of them, actually – whether it’s an innovative new product, recognition with a top award or an opinion on events in your industry.

It’s time to tell the world.

With years of experience in newspapers, magazines, radio and television, we understand how the news and consumer media landscape works and we have multi-channel contacts that are the envy of other content agencies offering a similar service.

Want to get to the editor of the Newsbeat on BBC Radio 1? The production team on Woman’s Hour or the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4? How about commissioning editors for BBC1 and other network television programmes? We’ve worked alongside these people, in some cases for years – in fact, we launched some of their careers.

We know better than most how to get to the right people quickly. Often, we can just pick up the phone and call them direct. The rest of the time, we use our media network to get their ear.

We can offer consultancy or practical help with:

  • News media campaigns
  • Broadcast media & PR (including television)
  • Event press & PR
  • Media training 

So  whether  you  want  to  be  interviewed  on  20  local  radio  stations,  the  big  news programmes  on radio and TV or just want an article in your local paper, we have the editorial nous to get you there.